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At DENOEdesign we always design for the purpose of “less is more” – to find a single line that represents everything we want to convey.
For us this is good design, the one that can be passed from generation to generation, the one that combines with everything and the one that for many years to come, Mr. Miguel would keep on changing small details.

Miguel MiláSome time ago, by chance, we attended one of the best-known international contemporary design fairs in Barcelona, and we were lucky enough to meet Mr. Miguel Milá, one of our benchmarks in design.

Inspired by this trend that reaches us since the 50’s, we designed the industrial collection and our favorite piece SWAAN LAMP.

Miguel Milà, a member of the generation of industrial design pioneers in Spain, has seen some of his furniture and lamps become authentic contemporary classics.
Born into an aristocratic Catalan family closely related to the artistic world (his uncle Pedro Milá y Camps, commissioned Gaudí to build the famous Casa Milá, known as La Pedrera), he began to work as an interior designer in the architectural studio of his brother Alfonso and Federico Correa. It was a time of crisis, at the end of the fifties, when industrial design was barely known.

Mr. Milá is like his designs, simple, functional and above all pure design. Influenced by him, we want to explain how he inspired us to start designing our entire collection DENOE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.

In our studio in Barcelona, all designs, lamp, stools or any piece of decoration can be more than a year without seeing the light.
To design is to create and that entails to polish and to continue polishing the design until finally, tachan! The most critical is the designer himself, if after that time in the dark you still think it’s a good design, okay, we give the go-ahead for it to be known … so complicated we are, but you know that the rush is not good, right Mr. Milá?

Why don’t we ever see a finished piece? If anyone has the answer please… we are all ears.

For us, a good example of what we are telling you is Miguel Milá’s TMC lamp, a design that is 50 years old (1951) and is still current.

Inspired by this trend that reaches us since the 50s, we designed the industrial collection and our favorite piece. If you are looking for this style look at:



Floor lamp with a solid oak base that acts as a counterweight to a lampshade of the same material. The lampshade is moved along a steel rail coated with electrolytic paint, allowing a very precise orientation of the light source. Textile electric cable in different colours.

Designed and handmade in Barcelona.
– Measures: 30x40xH145cm.
– White plug and switch.
– Decorative LED bulb.

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