Interview by Felix Forsicot and for the magazine Emprendedores


María José Calderón and Noé Miralta come from the field of fine arts, with specialities in graphic design and industrial design respectively. Both have their own works, but at the same time and for the last year they have been developing Denoe Bcn Design, a design and furniture manufacturing brand that arose from the desire to start their own project. “We decided to study (old) old objects and give them a new look adapted to new times”, explain these Barcelona entrepreneurs.

Without any type of market study or analysis of the competition, they began to materialise their ideas. At first it was complicated because they had to work and manufacture with few stocks, but during 2013, their first year of sales, they have managed to generate a margin that will allow them to make new prototypes to expand their catalogue.

The company’s own manufacturing and design products bring added value, but in return they also represent businesses that are difficult to carry out. “If we had to make the idea profitable with a viability plan, we wouldn’t do it here in Spain. All entrepreneurs end up leaving, which is where they really study their projects and finance themselves. But we don’t want that, we want to continue in our city and try to promote and generate work here,” says Calderon.

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