LIGHTING ADVICE | 10 tips to make your house look bigger

Making a small house look bigger is a challenge not only for interior decorators and designers, but for any owner seeking to create a greater sense of visual breadth without having to undertake major structural changes. Achieving this goal is simpler than you think and, on many occasions, it is not necessary to undertake major reforms but rather to integrate simple elements and resources into the design that can provide great results.

You want to know how to get it?

1. The mirrors
Perfect tool to achieve a greater sensation of visual amplitude. To achieve this, it is only necessary to place them in a strategic position in order to create depth by establishing a vanishing point that deceives the eye and makes your rooms gain meters, at least visually.

2. Light colours
The chromatic range chosen can serve your objective of making any space in the house look bigger. Light colours are the most recommended for this task and, in particular, white thanks to its ability to reflect and circulate light, as you can see in this bedroom.

3. The stripes
A decoration based on stripes in ceilings and walls is perfectly valid to make the space is perceived wider without having to resort to structural interventions. In addition, the presence of these can be complemented with small-scale representations in textiles or complements such as carpets, cushions…

4. Natural light, an element to be taken into account
Its role is fundamental in the perception of environments and, combined with other elements, such as light colours or an appropriate arrangement of the furniture, it will allow you to create a visually wide and spacious atmosphere.

5. The aesthetics of furniture
The proportionality in the size as well as its aesthetics are determining to create spaces that do not seem saturated but quite the opposite. Betting on pieces with thin and thin legs

6. Verticality
Shelves and low furniture will be your best allies to give life to balanced rooms with a lot of personality like the one we see in the image.

7. The order
It is a necessary condition in any dwelling but in small houses, rather than a choice, order is a relentless necessity. Spatial limitations make it essential that the rooms remain perfectly organized, maintaining a welcoming and accessible aspect that generates a greater sensation of amplitude.

8. Light and transparent fabrics
Preserve your intimacy without limiting the presence of the star king in your spaces or, which is the same, that you bet on light and transparent fabrics ideal to give answer to both premises.

9. Lighten your luggage
DO NOT saturate the environments with elements that contribute little or nothing to their functionality and aesthetics, in these cases it is better to sin by excess than by defect to reach the perfect balance.

Our last tip and key: Along with natural light, artificial lighting plays a decisive role in the design and decoration of spaces that suffer from a small number of meters. Although the lighting project to consider is important for any home, in small houses must be taken care of with special attention as it can make the space seem wider and more welcoming. The key is to have a balanced and effective artificial lighting system with different light sources oriented to specific purposes.


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