Warm or cold light, which one to choose?

Many of the queries we receive is, where to use warm light and cold light?

In order to solve your doubts we will give you some tricks of lighting adapted to the space.

The first and most important thing in your homes is to make good use of natural light. Make the most of all inputs of natural light.


But… and when does night come?

Each space of your house / flat must have a lighting adapted to each use, it is essential for the double function: practical and esthetic.


One of the main rooms of all homes is the living room.
It is the room that requires more play of lights, since it will allow us to separate the different zones from warm or cold light.
With our limited spaces we can already assign warmer lights for relaxation areas or reading areas and cold light for play grounds or eating areas.
A good element is the floor lamp or wall lamp, to provide warm light. The play or food areas will leave a more ambient light with a ceiling lamp by placing a cold light.

Tip!: Remember that in order not to abuse cold lights, you can always add dimmers, which will allow you to adapt the intensity of the light at all times.

In bedrooms, it is essential to generate a sense of rest, so it is most appropriate to use warm light. A good option to offer this climate is to use wall lights or table lamps next to the bed.


Kitchens and bathrooms are fundamental spaces within homes. These rooms require a general light and a punctual light, where we will use and combine warm and cold light.

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