World Day of Light

Today, May 16, is the International Day of Light

The International Day of Light (IDL) is an international event administered by UNESCO’s International Basic Science Programme (IBSP).

The DIL will be held on May 16, commemorating the first laser light emission on May 16, 1960, obtained by the American physicist Theodore Maiman  who developed and patented the first laser.

DIL covers all aspects of light in the broadest sense, including art, culture or sustainable development. It is an initiative to remind us of the relevance of light science and technology in our lives.



This relevance is very present in DENOEdesign. For us, light is a whole, they are the environment, they are spaces, they are ideas and above all they are sustainable energies.

That is why in our designs of lamps, we always have very encuenta which type of bulbs to use, light that takes care of and respects the environment as the led bulbs of low consumption, because in DENOE we think about the environment, we think about a better future.

We believe in ecological lighting and how to live without damaging our planet, so we support the campaigns of AMBILAMP, a non-profit association born to find a solution to the disposal of lamps and light bulbs. We can all contribute our grain of sand, look for your nearest collection point

If you want to change some of your bulbs for an ecological lighting in our web you will find a selection of LED BULBS




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