Color, visual magic

What color do I put? What color does it match best?

There are many of the questions that come to our website as queries when you enter our shop online.

Here are some tips for color combinations to create visual magic.

Creating chromatic contrast, or making combinations within a chromatic wheel, is always based on aesthetics and combination with the other elements. The color is an important element, which often saw a space by itself.

In this post we give you some color references for your favorite colors of the ceiling lamp GIIRA.



Your TOP in color is the pink GiiRA. Pink is a cheerful, contagious and energetic color, perfect for combining with bright colors or on the contrary more dusty colors.

It is a color that we normally associate with the childish, so it is perfect to create a unique planet of colors to the smallest of the house.



YELLOW! In our studio, it’s one of the favorite colors. It’s a color that has light on its own.

Great to combine with more powerful colors if you want total contrast, or with more delicate colors to create quieter environments. This color choice is perfect for white spaces, such as kitchens or living rooms.



And we come to one of the trendy colors, the color ORANGE. Desaturated tones such as coral, rust and navy blue, which transports us to antiques and retro fashion. Many times it is difficult for you to combine, and here you have a small sample of how beautiful it is with green and blue tones or with earth colors.


Do you have any questions about another color? Write to us at and we will advise you.

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