WE ARE TENDENCY by Maria Almenar

WE ARE TENDÉNCIA in the 20M newspaper in the ÉS TENDÉNCIA section by fashion journalist Maria Almenar:

"The days are shortened and the light inside the house becomes more and more necessary to win the battle against the most incipient darkness. Therefore, if you are looking for an "artificial clarity" that functionality, comfort and well-being with avant-garde aesthetics, do not take your eyes off these local design proposals. Il-lumina't with its latest projects!"

The lamps by en Noe Miralta and María José Calderón, the driving forces behind DENOEdesign, have a very powerful identity: wood is almost the protagonist of their lighting designs, where purified forms, mini-malist lines and a way of doing things that has a vocation for craftsmanship are prio-rizan. This autumn they wanted to get out of the comfort zone and have opted for metal with two new models inspired by the "decorative mobiles" and the volumes of the 2D pieces. These are GiiRA (ceiling lamp) and LAAM (table lamp), two timeless accessories that provide character without stridency. www.denoedesign.com

We are very happy to be part of this selection, along with LA VESTE, FAROBARCELONA and MARSET. Local brands that as Maria Almenar says we are all :

Table, floor, ceiling, ambience lamps … The most eye-catching lamp models are promoted by various Catalan design studios

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