The Studio

foto equipo_baja

Design with a touch of craftsmanship,
makes each piece unique

Designs made with sensitivity and the desire to evoke the past through poetry, nostalgia and the value of craftsmanship.

Creative process

Observation, research, analysis, drawings, testing, adjustment,

modeling, prototyping …. all these processes combined are the

driving force behind DENOE to create a unique and practical

final product.


Because design is not just the object that is projected, it’s everything

that it entails, people, spaces, and how they interact with each other.

Designing an object requires a process of trial and error. Start with

drawings, models and final details with prototypes.

It’s a long process, both dynamic and creative that requires

multidisciplinary work. We like to communicate all these concepts

in our designs and products.


Perhaps we are even talking about artisanal objects.

Thinking about giving your home
a new touch of style?

At DENOE we offer you more than design; we provide tailored
advice to help you achieve a space that reflects
your personality with flair.